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Habitats and Sites.

North East England is blessed with a very diverse range of habitats. A number of factors contribute to this diversity. The basic geomorphology gives the region an altitudinal range that runs from sea-level to more than 800 metres whilst the underlying geology gives rise to a variety of different vegetation types. The presence of several major river valleys and over 150 kilometres of coast-line that includes estuarine, cliff and dune habitats further add to the range of habitats on offer. Finally, the industrial and agricultural history of the region has shaped the landscape, often with significant consequences for the fauna and flora.

In this section of the site there are brief accounts of some of the different habitats that can be found in the region and also accounts of some of the best sites in the region for butterflies and moths. Please click on the links to access each account.

This part of the site is still under development and over time we hope to add to the list of habitats and sites that are described.


  Brownfield habitats
  Coastal Dunes
  Border Mires
  Magnesian Grassland


  Bishop Middleham Quarry
  Holy Island
  Hawthorn Dene (links to Durham Wildlife Trust)

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