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Butterflies and Moths of North East England.

Please click on the links below for information on the butterflies and moths that are found in Northumberland and Durham.  The check-lists for moths currently just cover the macro moths but it is intended to add the micros in due course.  Current information on the distribution of butterflies within the region is available in our annual reports which may be accessed through the downloads section of this web-site whilst up to date information on the distribution and status of moths in Northumberland can be obtained at the Northumberland Moths web-site.

The range and status of butterflies and moths are not fixed in time and it can be of interest to compare current knowledge with previous published information.  T C Dunn and J D Parrack's 'The Moths and Butterflies of Northumberland and Duham', published in 1986 (macrolepidoptera) and 1992 (microlepidoptera) by the Northern Naturalist's Union provided a full account of the regions moths and butterflies up to the late 1980s and also provided historical information based on earlier catalogues.  Although out of print, this atlas may be accessible through various local libraries and, in addition, with the kind permission of Dr Parrack and the family of the late Mr Dunn, the section dealing with butterflies may also be accessed electronically here

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»  micro moths (Currently in preparation)

Some articles providing an introduction to moth recording are also available on the downloads page of this web-site.

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