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The purpose of this page is to summarise changes to the web-site and help users to locate new and modified content. This summary begins in January 2009 and any changes to the site made before that date are not listed here.


May 2013

22 May.  Added new events. Updated recent sightings.

March 2013

March 24.  Updated Events.

October 2012

February 2013

February 2.  Updated Home Page, Events and Committee pages.


November 2012

November 28.  Uploaded new Newsletter, added news item about Ash Die-back disease. Updated links.

October 2012

October 10.  Updated committee membership.

August 2012

29 August.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

July 2012

17 July.  Updated recent sightings.

June 2012

June 11.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'; updated Committee page.

May 2012

May 22.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

May 8.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

April 2012

30 April.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.  Added Spring Newsletter and 2011 Annual report.  Added link to 2011 update on Wider Countryside Butterfly Summary.

15 April.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

9 April.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'. Added notices to the home page and events page.

1 April.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

March 2012

30 March.  Updated 'Recent sightings'.

27 March.  Updated 'Recent sightings'.

25 March.  Updated 'Recent sightings'.

15 March.  Updated recent sightings.

11 March.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'. Added new moth images to photo gallery. Edits to moth list (macro moths 1).

5 March.  Added information on 2012 WCBS squares to Transects page; minor edits to homepage; edits to moth list.

4 March.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'; announced resignation of 2 committee members.

February 2012

26 February.  Updated Moth list following revision of status of several species by the Durham County Recorder.  Updated Recent Sightings.

21 February.  Updated Transects page.

January 2012

24 January.  Added link for Gateshead Countryside Management Team petition.

12 January.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

4 January.  Added request for transect volunteers to home page.


December 2011

18 December.  Added details of Annual General Meeting.

4 December.  Uploaded Autumn Newsletter; updated 'Recent Sightings'.

November 2011

9 Novemebr.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

7 November.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

6 November.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

October 2011

17 October.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

16 October.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

2 October.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

September 2011

18 September.  Updated 'Recent Sightings' plus minor edits.

12 September.  Added photos to gallery, added electronic copy of 'Dun and Parrack (butterfly section) to the Species page.

August 2011

25 August.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

9 August.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

July 2011

8 July.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'. Added details for 'Big Butterfly Count' to home page.

6 July.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

June 2011

20 June.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

13 June.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

11 June.  Updated 'recent sightings', added notice about horse-chestnut leaf-miner survey to front page.  Added new pictures to Photo gallery (various moths and Small PB Fritillary).

May 2011

18 May.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

14 May.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

2 May.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

April 2011

28 April.  Update 'Recent Sightings'.

23 April.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'; uploaded Spring 2011 Newsletter; uploaded wining photos from 2010 photo comptetion.  Added new pictures to gallery (GreenHairstreak, Small Tortoiseshell).

20 April.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

19 April.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'; uploaded 2010 Annual Butterfly report.  Added new photographs to Gallery.  Minor edits to 'Recording Page.

10 April.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'. Added new page on Recording. Updated page menus.

4 April.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

1 April.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'; updated forthcoming events; added new downloadable spreadsheet for records of moths seen in Co. Durham.

March 2011

26 March. Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

21 March.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

19 March.  Updated 'Recent Sightings', updated 'Events'.

10 March.  Updated 'Recent Sightings', added new events to 'Events' page.

3 March.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'; added information about Wider Countryside Butterfly Survey plans for 2011; added new announcements to home page.

February 2011

26 February.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'; updated Committee membership; updated Moth Recording fact sheet in 'Downloads' section.

14 February.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'; added new photos to Photo Gallery; edited announcements on home page.

January 2011

4 January.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'. Deleted notice regarding cancellation of work party in December.


December 2010

3 December.  Cancelled Winter Work Party planned for 5 December.

November 2010

21 November.  Updated links.

20 November.  Uploaded latest Branch Newsletter; updated 'Recent Sightings; updated 'Events' page with details of AGM.

14 November.  Added winter work party details to 'Events' page, updated 'Committee' page; updated 'News' page.

11 November.  Revised macro moth checklists in the 'Species' section to cover Durham as well as Northumberland.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

2 November.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

October 2010

12 October.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

4 October.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

August 2010

29 August.  Updates to 'Recent Sightings', 'Links', 'Events'.

16 August.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

13 August.  Added new moth checklists for Northumberland (macro moths only micros to be added shortly).  Minor revision to butterfly checklist.  Updated recent sightings.  Minor revision to contact details on Committee page.  Added new event to events page.

5 August.  Updated 'recent sightings', added various photos to gallery (W-L Hairstreak, L Heath, Gatekeeper, Holly Blue, various moths).

July 2010

24 July.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.  Updated Home Page.

6 July.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

June 2010

20 June.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'. On Links page, fixed broken link to UK Moths, added link to North |east Moth Forum amd removed link to (temporarily unavalable) Macrolepidoptera of Durham and Northmberland.

13 June.  Updated 'Recent Sightings.

6 June.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

5 June.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.  Added item about announcement of BC sponsorshop deal with Marks and Spencer.

May 2010

29 May.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

25 May.  Updated Recent Sightings. Added picture of mating green veined whites.

23 May.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

22 May.  Updated 'Recent Sightings' and added new pictures to Photogallery.

17 May.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

15 May.  Updated 'recent sightings'.

13 May.  Updated Links. Added new moth photographs to gallery

10 May.  Updated recent sightings.  Various pictures added to gallery.  Added link to petition to save Kackar Mountains region in Turkey.

April 2010

18 April.  April updates include: uploading of 2009 Butterfly Summary Report, updating Recent Sightings, uploading 2009 Transects report and information on Butterflies of the Wider Countryside Survey.

March 2010

26 March.  Updated Recent Sightings.

23 March.  Updated Recent Sightings.

22 March.  Updated Committee page.  Updated News page.

20 March.  Updated Recent Sightings.

13 March.  Updated Recent Sghtings. Added photos to Gallery.  Added link to Childrens writing competition.

February 2010

16 February.  Updated recent sightings.  Added picture of Speckled Wood larva to gallery.  Removed AGM reminder button from home page.

13 February.  Updated recent sightings. Added photograph of Small White to the gallery.

January 2010

19 January.  Added details of forthcoming AGM.  Added Safety Guidance Note for field trips.

6 January.  Added 2010 page for recent sightings and added the firsdt sightings of the year.  Added photographs of Drinker Mothcaterpillars and White-letter Hairstreak egg.

December 2009

27 December.  Added new grid reference finder tool.  Added various photos of moth adults and larvae.

9 December.  Uploaded Autumn edition of the Branch Newsletter.

8 December.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'; added picture of Speckled Wood chrysalis to photo gallery.

October 2009

30 October.  Update 'Recent Sightings'; added pictures to gallery (drinker larva, green hairstreak, purple hairstreak, comma.

26 October.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'; added pictures to gallery (purple hairstreak and small pearl-bordered fritillary); added new winter work party dates to events calendar.

10 October.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'

6 October.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

4 October.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'; uploaded 2008 Butterfly Summary Report to Downloads Section; added pictures of Comma (larva) and Red Admiral (pupa) to the Photo Gallery.

September 2009

12 September.  Updated 'News' page.

10 September.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

August 2009

27 August.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

22 August.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.  Added photos of Brown Argus, Grey/Dark Dagger, Silver-Y yo Photo Gallery.

15 August.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'. Added photos of marbled White, Meadow Brown, Wall Brown, Small Tortoiseshell (pupa) to the photo gallery.

9 August.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'. Added photos of Marbled White, Painted Lady and Peacock pupae, Emperor Moth (adult, eggs and cocoon) and Red Underwing Moth.

5 August.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

July 2009

23 July.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'. Added pictures of Vapourer Moth larva, Painted lady, Silver-Y, Shaded Broad-bar Moth.

17 July.  Added photographs of Cinnabar moth and Yellow Shell Moth to gallery

16 July.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

13 July.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

12 July.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.  Added photographs of Grayling, Meadow Brown, Small Heath and Marbled White to gallery.

11 July.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.  Added photographs of Dark Green Fritillary, Grayling and Narrow-bordered 5-spot Burnet Moth to gallery.

8 July.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.  Added moth pictures to Photogallery.

7 July.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.  Added announcement about damage to small pearl bordered fritillary sites.  Added photographs of Painted Lady egg and larvae.

3 July.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'. Added Small Skipper and Marbled White pictures to the photo gallery.

June 2009

29 June.  Updated and corrected 'Recent Sightings.

27 June.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.  added photos of white Letter Hairstreak to the Gallery.

15th June.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.  Added Ringlet and Northern Brown Argus pictures to the Gallery.  Updated 'Events' page.

12th June.  Upated 'Recent Sightings'.  Added photo of caeruleopunctata form of Small Copper to the photo gallery.

9th June.  Updated 'Recent Sightings' and 'Events' pages. Added Brown Argus picture to photo gallery.

5th June.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.  Corrected the place name of the sighting of Chimney Sweeper Moths on 31 May.  Added picture of white-letter hairstreak pupa to the photo gallery.

3 June.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

May 2009

30 May.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'and added Large Skipper picture to Gallery.

29 May.  Added item about Painted Lady migration to the Recent Sightings page.

26 May.  Updated 'Recent Sightings' and added photo of dingy skipper egg to the Photo gallery.

25 May.  Updated recent sightings and added photos to gallery (common blue and alba form Small Copper).

23 May.  Added information about Butterfly Conservation Match Pot Appeal to the News page. Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

21 May.  Added new events to the 'Events' page. Added new photographs to the Photo Gallery. Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

13 May.  Added new events to the 'Events' page. Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

10 May.  Added new pictures to Moths Album in Photo gallery.

9 May.  Updated 'Recent Sightings'. Uploaded April 2009 edition of the Branch Newsletter and highlighted errors published in the printed version. Announced photographic competition winners in 'News' Section. Added new photographs to the Photogallery (Nymphalidae, Satyridae and Moths albums).

3 May. Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

April 2009

25 April. Updated 'Recent Sightings'. Added new pictures to Photo gallery.

24 April. Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

22 April. Added guidance notes on Spring Moths and Summer Moths to the 'Downloads' section. Added new sightings to the 'Recent Sightings' page.

20 April. Updated 'Recent Sightings'.

17 April. Updated recent sightings.

15 April. Updated 'News' and 'Recent Sightings' pages.

10 April. Updated 'News' page.

3 April. Added latest sightings to Recent Sightings page.

March 2009

30 March. Updated 'Recent Sightings'. Added photos to Gallery.

27 March. Updated 'Recent Sightings' and 'Events' pages.

22 March. Updated the 'Recent Sightings'. New photos added to the Photogallery.

19 March. New sightings added to 'Recent Sightings' page, bringing forward to 16 March the earliest report received to date.

18 March. Added new sightings to the 'recent sightings page'. Added details of a winter work party to the 'Events' page.

February 2009

15 February. Added new photographs to photogallery (nympalidae, satyridae and lycaenidae).

8 February. Added new pictures to nymphalidae and satyridae albums in photogallery. Added 2008 Summary Report to Transects Page. Updated 'News' page.

January 2009

20 January. Request made for volunteers to record Large Heath (see 'New's page). New event added to 'Events' page.

14 January. Changed details of meeting place for work party on 25 January (events page).

12 January. Added new event to events page.

9 January. New sections added to the site: photogallery; 'recent sightings' page and 'updates' page. 'News' and 'Events' pages updated and 2008 news items archived (but still accesible via a link from the current news page). All pages updated to include links to the new pages.

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